Do You Need A Boost In Your Life? Are You Ready To Reach Your Full Potential? Stop Worrying And Start Enjoying Your Blessings!!


There are times in our lives that we need a little help.  Awakening Spirits, Inc. now offers a customized manifestation kit. This customized manifestation kit allows you to have your specific needs addressed as a way to help the timing and manifestation of your desires.


 With this kit, Awakening Spirits. Inc. provides you with a:

 - Customized affirmation

- One or two small pillar candles (depending upon your desired scenario)  infused with

focused, super-charged energy to aid in the manifestation of your desired scenario

- A small gemstone infused with focused, super-charged energy to aid in the manifestation

of your desire


The energetic enhancement of the candle and the gemstone work hand in hand to complement your desired outcomes. You’ll have a chance to work with our staff to understand your needs.  This will allow you to start enjoying the manifestation of those desires in a timely fashion.


This is a customized scenario for manifesting YOUR desires.  The standard manifestation kit is a good start. However, there are some individuals who need a bit of help and may not have the time to put into the standard manifestation kit. If this is how you feel, this is the kit for YOU!!


This kit contains SUPERCHARGED manifestation energy to help you get what you want. The incense, oil and candle are energetically enhanced just for you! Feel the positive energy and harness it for your desires.


Please note – Due to the customization of the scenario for this kit, the kit ships within 7-15 calendar days from its acceptance by Orielia Valley and her staff.  Due to the nature of the customization, refunds are not offered. All Sales are Final for these kits.



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