Try the Healing Journey™ Manifestation and Affirmation kit.
Do you need a little help to put things in perspective? Are you unsure of
why you are not getting what you want? Do you desire money, career,
love, etc.? Well, the wait is over! Try the Healing Journey™ Manifestation
and Affirmation kit. With this kit, you will be able to work on your desires
to manifest the desires in a timely fashion. Use your personal power to get
your desired situation. Stop sitting around wondering why you don't get
what you want. Make your desires a reality today!

The Healing Journey™ Manifestation kit includes:

This kit contains SUPERCHARGED manifestation energy to help you get what you want. The incense, oil and candle are energetically enhanced just for you! Feel the positive energy and harness it for your desires.
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